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Hi reader, here is a case study that was shared with me by a startup called Fyle for a Product Management interview. Read on to understand the case study solution

Problem Statement

Employees of many companies have a limited number of paid leaves that they can avail every year. This can include annual leaves (which accrue over time and carry forward to the next year), wellness leaves (which are a fixed number and expire at the end of the year), and other types of leaves.

In remote setups, employees who are taking a day off sometimes forget to officially apply for leave, since the process often involves multiple steps outside of their usual workflow.

Design a way for employees to apply for leaves and have them approved within Slack.


Call out any assumptions you are making beforehand, along with a note on why you made them.

  1. Describe the different user personas that will be involved in using this product

Pure Writing Components

  • Write an FAQ section for the product website. Foresee 5 questions that users will typically be curious about before using the product, and answer them.


The result of this work should be a presentation that you can deliver over a video call. Don’t go crazy, something short will work fine. Use this template if you’re unsure:

  • Title (1 slide)

Case Study Solution

FAQ Document

Requirement — Write an FAQ section for the product website. Foresee 5 questions that users will typically be curious about before using the product, and answer them

FAQ1 — What is QuickLeave App?

QuickLeave App is an easy way to apply for leaves in your company and also get them approved through Slack itself. The QuickLeave App can be installed in the Slack workspace for any organization that uses Slack and Fyle. The app can be installed only by the admin of the workspace

FAQ2 — How is QuickLeave App useful for me?

The QuickLeave App works for both the employees and managers in an organization

For Employees

  • Using QuickLeave means you don’t need to Sign-in to HRMS for applying leaves. With QuickLeave App you can apply for leaves from your phone itself through the Slack App

For Managers

  • With QuickLeave App in your Slack workspace, you don’t need to Sign-in to HRMS to take action on applied leaves. All leaves can be approved/rejected from the Slack workspace itself

FAQ3 — How can I apply for leave using the QuickLeave App?

  • Use any of these simple commands in your Slack workspace to apply for leaves. You can enter these commands on any channel or direct message

Apply for leave with slash command (/ql-applyleave)

Apply for leave with a simple mention (@ql)

  • A leave application form will open up where you have to manually enter these details:

Select Half-Day/Full Day Leave

Select Date — Start and End Date

Select Leave Type

Add Message

Tag people — team members (optional)

  • When you submit this form, the leave request will be created and sent to your reporting manager on Slack

FAQ4 — As a manager how can I approve leave using the QuickLeave App?

  • You can view the leave requests on your Slack workspace

Half-Day/Full Day leave

Start and End Date of the leave

Leave type (Annual Leave/Wellness Leave/Compensatory Leave etc)


Tagged people

Leave Balance of the employee for the applied leave category

  • You can take action on them by clicking the Approve/Reject button that will be shown along with the leave request details

FAQ5 — How can I install the QuickLeave App?

QuickLeave App can be installed in two ways:

  • From the QuickLeave website. Go to this link to learn more
  • Allow the app to access your Fyle account as well. Click on Allow
  • Once the required permissions are allowed, the QuickLeave app for Slack will be added to your Slack workspace. Adding the app to the workspace can only be done by the Admin of the workspace

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