6 Proven Practices to write & manage PRDs like a Pro — Chapter 6

Proven Practice №6 — Keep Your PRDs Updated

Track your Metrics

Track your metrics related to the product work closely and update the same in your PRD. Keeping your PRD updated with the metrics you are tracking will provide context for the future work you will plan

Continuous Product Feedback

Gathering product feedback on a regular basis is very essential for the future growth of any product. Here both quantitative and qualitative feedback collection is important. After a feature/product has been released, keep collecting data about that feature’s /product’s usage by your users. This data will inform the future work of the feature/product and will be added in the PRD as a continuation

PRDs can serve as a single source of truth for companies when it comes to understanding and analysing how product goals have fared so far, what initiatives were taken to achieve those goals, and how far they still have to go for achieving those goals



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